Solar energy solutions
for Stockholm Royal Seaport

Compete for 50 000 Swedish kronor with your idea

How can we integrate solar energy into urban environments? Enter the competition for an opportunity to win 50 000 Swedish kronor and to see your solution for solar energy in urban environments integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

The winners are now announced!

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the challenge. Out of over 700 participants the jury has selected three winners based on the judging criteria for the competition. Read more at this .

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Solar energy solutions for Stockholm Royal Seaport - compete for 50 000 Swedish kronor with your idea

Thanks to everyone who participated in Open Stockholm Award 2014!

The competition is now closed and we don’t accept any new submissions. We look forward to reviewing all of your smart and innovative solutions and will evaluate them according to the criteria listed on the website. The jury will start the evaluation of the entries on May 6 and will then meet two more times in order to assess the received submissions. All participants will get notified by email when the winners are picked at the end of May.

The winners will be invited to participate at “Stockholmsmötet” on May 27, 2014 for the prize ceremony. More information will be given to the winners.

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process or the prize ceremony please contact us at

Meanwhile you can read more about the City of Stockholm and our work with open data here: or here:

Submission info

Stockholm Solar Challenge

Compete with your idea for solar energy solutions in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Stockholm Solar Challenge gives you the opportunity to share your ideas for how to best integrate and showcase solar energy within an urban environment. While participating in the competition you have the opportunity to win 50 000 Swedish kronor as well as the possibility to see your idea integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

The Challenge

The challenge is to integrate a visually appealing solar energy solution into the new city district, Stockholm Royal Seaport. The solution doesn’t need to include a new technical innovation of solar technology, but may be an existing technology that can be innovatively integrated into urban environments. The integration of the solution should be considered for public places (eg, streets, squares and parks), where the solution can provide energy for functions within the city. The proposal can either offer a standalone solution as a part of the urban environment, or provide a solution that is integrated into building design.

The solar energy solution should be a trademark of Stockholm Royal Seaport and an innovation that is possible to replicate within and outside Stockholm Royal Seaport. Through the integration of innovative solutions, the goal is also to increase the understanding of the benefits of solar technology among the residents of Stockholm Royal Seaport and beyond. Read more about the challenge here.


A first place winner will be awarded with 50 000 Swedish kronor as well as the opportunity to possibly see his/her solution integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport. An additional 50 000 Swedish kronor may be distributed among 1-5 contributions the jury considers quality proposals. Read more about the prizes here.


The competition is open to Swedish and international participants, and welcomes contributions from individuals and teams, as well as organizations and businesses. You must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Learn more about the eligibility here.

How to compete

Register to the competition (competition is now closed)

Download the proposal template

Upload the proposal template on the competition site

The winner is awarded with 50 000 Swedish kronor and the opportunity to possible see his or her idea come to life!

Important dates

Competition opens: October 21, 2014

Competition deadline: January 25, 2015

Winners announced: April, 2015