Solar energy solutions
for Stockholm Royal Seaport

Compete for 50 000 Swedish kronor with your idea

How can we integrate solar energy into urban environments? Enter the competition for an opportunity to win 50 000 Swedish kronor and to see your solution for solar energy in urban environments integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

The winners are now announced!

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the challenge. Out of over 700 participants the jury has selected three winners based on the judging criteria for the competition. Read more at this .

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About Stockholm Royal Seaport

Here you can read more about Stockholm Royal Seaport. You can also find area descriptions, pictures and maps that can provide important resources as you develop your submission.

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects and leads the way when it comes to next generation sustainable neighborhoods. The population consists of residents of Stockholm looking for an easy and inspirational place to live a sustainable life.

Sustainability issues are the red thread throughout the development of the district, from the early planning stages to homes and premises now ready for occupancy. The City of Stockholm has decided that the district will be built with high sustainability ambitions, which will create a sustainable neighborhood of the highest caliber.

Stockholm Royal Seaport will also become a showcase for sustainable construction and offer one of Europe’s most attractive and modern places to live and work.

The overall objectives are to create a vibrant, functioning neighborhood that is climate friendly, resource effective and completely free of fossil fuels by 2030.

The planning and development of Stockholm Royal Seaport is coordinated by The City of Stockholm - Department of Development Administration and Department of Planning Administration.


All the resources below can be used for the completion of your entry. For example, you can include the maps and pictures in the picture of your solar energy solution integrated within the urban environment, which is a required component of your entry.

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The Royal Seaport in Social Media

Areas in the Royal Seaport

Facts about Stockholm Royal Seaport

Size: 236 acres
Areas: Hjorthagen, Värtahamnen, Frihamnen and Loudden.
New homes: 12,000, most of which are planned alongside Husarviken in Hjorthagen and in Loudden.
New workplaces: 35 000
Commercial area: 600,000 square meters.
Date of completion: The entire area will be completed around 2030.
Infrastructure: New walking and bicycle paths, a bicycle bridge, an extension of the Tvärbana light rail line, the Northern Link, smart gird development project
Systems: Closed water, waste and energy systems .

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