Solar energy solutions
for Stockholm Royal Seaport

Compete for 50 000 Swedish kronor with your idea

How can we integrate solar energy into urban environments? Enter the competition for an opportunity to win 50 000 Swedish kronor and to see your solution for solar energy in urban environments integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

The winners are now announced!

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the challenge. Out of over 700 participants the jury has selected three winners based on the judging criteria for the competition. Read more at this .

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Prizes & Jury


The winning solution of Stockholm Solar Challenge will be awarded with:

  • 50 000 Swedish kronor cash prize
  • The possibility to see their solution integrated into the urban environment of Stockholm Royal Seaport

Other prizes
An additional 50 000 Swedish kronor may be distributed among 1-5 contributions the jury considers quality proposals.

Notice: The originator owns the rights to their idea and by winning the competition it is a possibility – but not a guarantee – that the winner will see the implementation of their idea. The City of Stockholm, will however, reserve the right to use the submission for implementation in Stockholm Royal Seaport, and its use for marketing purposes.


We are proud to present the jury for Stockholm Solar Challenge that consists of representatives from The City of Stockholm and experts within areas such as construction, art and architecture. Find more details about the jury group below.

Örjan Lönngren, Energy and climate strategist, Environmental Administration Office, The City of Stockholm
An architect with his own business since the mid-1970s, since 2005 Örjan has worked for the Environmental Administration Office in the Energy and Climate Department. He is also project manager in the development of climate and energy plans and chairman of the energy focus group at Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Mårten Lindström, Consultant, More10 AB
Mårten has extensive experience in the consulting and construction industries through senior positions at the company WSP, the Swedish Construction Federation, Sweco, Golder and NCC. Today, Mårten is active in the board of multiple companies, as well as in consultancy, including organizational issues, and research and development funding. Mårten is also strategically responsible for the VINNOVA program Construction Innovation.

Pia Krensler, Urban Gardener, The City of Stockholm
Pia has worked with project management and planning as a landscape architect at various consulting firms since the mid-1970s. Since 2009, Pia has been employed as an Urban Gardener for the City of Stockholm.

Charlotta Winkler, Energy Engineer, WSP Sweden
Charlotta is working on issues of energy efficiency in buildings and in the community, with enhanced focus on solar energy and solar technology. Charlotta was previously active in the solar energy industry in Austria for several years. Since 2009, she has served as deputy member of the board of the industry association Swedish Solar Energy.

Anders Widerberg, Project Manager, The City of Stockholm
Anders has been involved in a variety of work within the construction field since the 1970s. He has extensive experience with environmental projects that have involved solar panels, agriculture and geothermal heating. For the past five years Anders has worked as a project manager at the Department of Development Administration within the City of Stockholm, focusing on the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Cecilia Katzeff, Adjunct professor of sustainable interaction design at CESC (Centre for Sustainable Communications), Royal Institute of Technology Head of research for the group Energy Design, Interactive Swedish ICT
Cecilia’s work experience covers research as well as practical work related to user's perspective of IT and design. With a background in psychology and human-computer interaction, over the past decade she has mainly focused her research on the role of design in digital artifacts and services in the energy sector. Among other things, she is interested in the role of design in the transition to a sustainable society and for energy use in different contexts.

Lena From, Project Manager, Stockholm Art
Lena works as a project manager at Stockholm Art, the unit of the City of Stockholm working to realize art according to the “one percentage rule”: that art’s location in the city's public spaces should reach all the city's citizens, no matter who you are or under what circumstances one is born. She has a background as a journalist and art historian, has formerly been an editor for several magazines such as “Arkitektur”, and has a large number of book publications about architecture and public art.

Jonas Claeson, Head of unit Planning department, City planning administration
Jonas is an architect and urban planner employed by the Stockholm City Planning Administration since 2006. As project manager and key expert within the Stockholm Royal Seaport project, he has been part of a team developing the next generation of sustainable urban districts in Stockholm. As member of the sustainability team and co-author of the sustainability programme and urban design guidelines, he has extensive experience of urban sustainability issues. Jonas is a member of the Swedish Association of Swedish Architects.