Solar energy solutions
for Stockholm Royal Seaport

Compete for 50 000 Swedish kronor with your idea

How can we integrate solar energy into urban environments? Enter the competition for an opportunity to win 50 000 Swedish kronor and to see your solution for solar energy in urban environments integrated in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

The winners are now announced!

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the challenge. Out of over 700 participants the jury has selected three winners based on the judging criteria for the competition. Read more at this .

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Rules & Eligibility

The competition is open globally. The City of Stockholm invites entries from both individuals and teams, as well as from organizations and companies. You must be at least 16 years of age to participate.


The following are excluded from participation in the competition:

  • Participants of the jury, including experts or other persons consulted by the jury.
  • Partners and family members of the jury, or persons with close connection to members of the jury.

Evaluation criteria and the announcement of the winner

A jury will evaluate all entries and decide on a winner. See Prizes & Jury for a more detailed description of the jury and The Challenge for more information about the assessment criteria.

The City of Stockholm reserves the right to select the winner based on the contribution which they find most appropriate. Competition rules and prizes may at any time be changed or varied.

The jury also reserves the right to not select a winner if there are too few entries that the jury believes fulfill all requirements.

Incomplete entries, as well as entries that do not adhere to all rules, may be disqualified.

The jury will not provide feedback to participants that do not advance in the competition. The City of Stockholm reserves the right to replace and change the jury at any time and for any reason.

The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


See Prizes & Jury for a complete description of the prize.

No alternative prizes will be offered.

If you are selected as the winner and can’t accept the prize, you will not be able to give the prize to someone else or designate someone else as the winner.

If you are not able, or don’t want to collect your prize, the jury may award the second place proposal with the prize. If you choose to collect a prize, you will be responsible for all taxes related to accepting the prize.

Even if the intention is to implement the winning proposal, the City of Stockholm cannot guarantee that this will be the case. If none of the proposals are deemed of high enough quality, the City of Stockholm may decide to not award a prize.

Copyright and right of use

The competitor owns the rights to the proposal. After revealing the winning proposal, the City of Stockholm has the right to use the winning proposal.

The City of Stockholm shall receive a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive right and license to freely use (eg, store, load, process, reflect, read, show, test, understand, reproduce and otherwise dispose of and use) the entry and the rights related thereto (including associated intellectual property rights) in their operations. Furthermore, the City of Stockholm will own the right to, either by themselves or in cooperation, freely adapt, adjust, modify, correct and in any way change the delivery/result, for free usage in the organization.

By participating in the competition you consent that the City of Stockholm may use the winning proposal for promotional activities and promotional material without further compensation or approval. The competitor owns the rights to his or her idea and winning the challenge is an opportunity – but not a guarantee – to get the idea implemented.

Note: the City of Stockholm may provide guidance for the winner in how to improve the proposal after the competition is over, based on the knowledge that has been gleaned during the evaluations of other submissions in the competition. It may be the case that the results in the competition create a base for future improvements. If the City of Stockholm wishes to use the proposal, either in full or in part, the City of Stockholm and the competitor should agree on terms about usage and ownership of the proposal.

Terms and conditions

All contestants must submit their entries based on the conditions set out by the City of Stockholm and Sqore (Student Competitions).

The contestants must provide truthful and accurate information when it comes to contact and personal information.

All the material sent in should be presented in either English or Swedish.

Contestants must ensure that all pictures, text and other material provided is produced and owned by the contestant. The contestant guarantees that none of the provided material (or material provided by others that the contestant is responsible for) infringes the rights of any third party, including:

  • All methods, processes, techniques, know-how etc. that is used for such an achievement
  • Any deliverables/results obtained within the framework of the contest, including associated intellectual property rights

When the competition is finished, the proposals and its content can be used at the discretion of the City of Stockholm.

Only proposals received before the deadline will be eligible to participate in the competition. We cannot take responsibility for lost, delayed or damaged entries. Proof that the proposal has been sent is not a proof that it has been received.

Proposals that haven’t been delivered according to these terms and all other rules and guidelines, or proposals that are incomplete or illegible (in accordance with the City of Stockholm’s opinion) will be excluded from the competition.

Use of information

We will use personal information that has been provided according to Sqore’s (Student Competitions) general Terms and Conditions.

By competing in the competition you agree that the City of Stockholm is allowed to use any pictures, text or material that you send, for any purpose, in all media, for an undetermined time, without payment.

We have the right to publish and showcase the proposal, in part or in its entirety, in any way we deem appropriate. You warrant that you have the legal right to grant us these rights and you agree to compensate us in case we are affected by any loss because of falsified information that has been provided by the applicant.

General conditions

By accepting these terms, you consent to abide by Sqore’s (Student Competitions) general conditions in connection with your use of Sqore’s (Student Competitions) website.

We are not responsible for any damage, loss, or disappointment suffered by participants who participate in this competition, or who wish to participate in the competition.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we may modify or terminate the competition without prior notice. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

These terms are governed by Swedish law and therefore you register your contribution under the jurisdiction of the Swedish court.